Thanks for stopping by. I'm assuming you've landed on this page because you're inte
rested in getting to know me, so here are some facts about me: 

I'm 5'4" tall and have a lot of positive energy that fits in this short body,
They say you shouldn't ask a woman's age, so I'll reveal to you that I started my journey with a design almost 14 years ago.
As a person, I'm keen, brave, open-minded, friendly, and easy-going. 
As a designer, I'm professional, reliable, uncommon, and abstract-thinking. 
I obtained a B.Des in Visual Communication and Printing Techniques (Lodz University of Technology, 2017), and an MA in Graphic Design (Coventry University, 2020).
In May 2020, I founded a brand Carreau Diamond Painting specializing in diamond art kits. If you're potentially interested in starting a new addictive hobby, click on the link.
I can design your logo, branding, website, poster, stationery, merch, and leaflets, or create patterns and retouch photos. Things not listed here I can probably do too if they are design-related.
My strengths are composition, colour, simplicity, and modern forms.
I can draw, and I like to make my hands dirty with paints.
I love traveling, DIY & crafts, and shoes. My collection of shoes deserves its own Wikipedia article.

If you believe that we're a good match and would like to create some beautiful things together, drop me a message