The Unicorn Project 

The "Projekt Jednorozec" (English: Unicorn Project) was a university task to come up with a local startup idea in the culture/media field, specifically in the city of Lodz in Poland. In response, a group of students created a social platform for exchanging used goods such as games, books, and comics, while also providing a place for users to communicate and connect with one another. The name "Unicorn Project" refers to the nickname that Lodz has earned as "the city of unicorns." Today, unicorn-themed souvenirs can be found in gift shops on the main street.
I was tasked with designing the visual identity system, including a logo and colour scheme, web and app design, posters, and merchandise. The goal was to target young people and make the project stand out with a visually appealing design. I chose to use vibrant colours that both represent the mythical unicorn and align with the official Lodz colour scheme (blue, yellow, pink, and black).